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Organisational Change

Doing Organisational change and transformation well is still one of the undervalued things organisations do.  It is still being reported by Mckinseys and ?? that only 30% of projects succeed, even after 30 years of Change Management and 50 years of Project Management.  Something is still being missed.

That something is change management still being strongly process driven and not focused on the people who will be impacted.  It is not focused on Leaders owning and embodying the change first and then from that embodied state helping their teams navigate the change.

Here at Leading Edge Space we focus on the Leaders first, people second and then the process.  Because yes process is still needed.  It is about humanising the process of change and making it more inviting.

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Leading Change

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People Change

Market Analysis


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Organisational Systemics


Unleashing Potential

Latent potential lies dormant in all organisations.  Instead of value being added to the bottom line we see, control and dictatorship, micro-management, pseudo-leaders, lack of accountability, misused power, alter egos, imposter syndrome, etc.  Sometimes these behaviours are overt but often they are acted out by the nicest of people in a quiet and unconscious way.   The culture that this encourages can include backstabbing, in-fighting, competition, lack of innovation, 'work to rule', fear, disloyalty, cowardice, disempowerment, and the list goes on.  All of this behaviour turns people into 'yes'ers', sheep, 'tell me what to do', unmotivated and uninspired.
And yes it does affect your bottom line. There are enough studies now that highlight this.
At Leading Edge Space we work with Leaders and their Leadership teams to communicate and behave in ways that inspire and motivate your people, who become the foundation of talented organisations that are the powerhouses of success.

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Live Your Best Life


Leadership is important.  It is the reason that many people leave their jobs for, because of their manager.

Leadership today is in a state of crisis! 

Gallup reported in 2017 that in Australia and New Zealand alone only 14% of employees are engaged.  They also reported 75% of people leave their jobs because of their boss. That is a lot of disengaged people working jobs they dislike and looking for their next role as they have a lousy manager.

Yet it doesn't need to be this way.  Leadership is not a science but an art that can be learnt, practised and embodied.

Think of all the words that describe what you would want in a Leader

  • Inspiring and Visionary

  • Honest and authentic

  • Trustworthy and courageous

  • A deep listener

  • Brings passion and meaning to our work

  • Holds others accountable

  • Unleashes the potential in others

  • etc...

Leadership is about relationships, people, teams and culture.  It is passion, it is energy and it engages us to become the impossible. 

Developing your Leadership is a journey, not a training. It is challenging and fun, and you need to be committed to embark on it.  

Are you ready for to begin your Leadership journey?...