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Leading Edge Space

Leadership today is in a state of crisis! 

Gallup reported in 2017 that in Australia and New Zealand alone only 14% of employees are engaged.  They also reported 75% of people leave their jobs because of their boss. That is a lot of disengaged people working jobs they dislike and looking for their next role as they have a lousy manager.

Yet it doesn't need to be this way.  Leadership is not a science but an art that can be learnt, practised and embodied.

Think of all the words that describe what you would want in a Leader

  • Inspiring and Visionary

  • Honest and authentic

  • Trustworthy and courageous

  • A deep listener

  • Brings passion and meaning to our work

  • Holds others accountable

  • Unleashes the potential in others

  • etc...

Leadership is about relationships, people, teams and culture.  It is passion, it is energy and it engages us to become the impossible. 

Developing your Leadership is a journey, not a training. It is challenging and fun, and you need to be committed to embark on it.  

Are you ready for to begin your Leadership journey?...